With a solid music foundation, a dedicated team of creativity,  and  an  increasingly  growing  fan  base,  this combination will give birth to one of the most versatile and unique emcees to enter the game in quite some time. G-B.A.L.L. is on his way to becoming one of the voices of true hip hop's next generation.   Since connecting with DAMG Ent. LLC., his new singles, including "Get Ghost", are sweeping across the nation.  With his message and this driving force behind him, G-B.A.L.L. is destined to ultimately become one of the reasons why hip-hop’s future will stay firmly intact.
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DAMG Ent. LLC. proudly stands behind their eclectic family of talent.  Each member of our team feels just as strongly about giving back to the world as they do about sharing their talents through entertainment, empowerment coaching, and public speaking.  Take a moment to get to know our roster of talented national recording artists, actors, public speakers, executives, producers, and songwriters.  

DAMG Ent. LLC. is currently booking our entire roster of talent for concerts, special appearances, speaking tours, and club events.  For booking information, track purchases, or if you are interested in working with any of our speakers or producers, please contact our main office directly at (414)687-3940, or CLICK HERE to send a request via email. 

With a undeniably dope style, this Chi-city native is methodically plotting his takeover.  Possessing a voice and a flow that is classic, with a swagger that rivals the best in the business, and lyrics sicker than a hospital emergency room, G-B.A.L.L. is the definition of what happens when you mix skill, swagger, and dedication into one person.

The name G-B.A.L.L. started from just what people would call him growing up on the south side of Chicago, but he would later attach a meaning to it:  G.rowing  B.eyond  A.ll  L.ife's  L.imitations.

Growing up, G-B.A.L.L. dealt with a lot of life's hardships at an early age, including the death of his grandfather who happened to be a jazz drummer and was a big inspiration to G-B.A.L.L.,  musically and in everyday life.  While attending Dixon Elementary School and South Shore High School he got involved with gang activity, drugs, and other unsavory parts of the streets, but never strayed away from his music.  A near death experience, the violent deaths of close friends & family problems caused G-B.A.L.L. to re-evaluate what he wanted to do with his life. 

G-B.A.L.L. decided to attended Columbia College.  After a couple of semesters majoring in Audio Arts & Acoustics    he    couldn't    continue    because    school became too expensive.  This caused him enroll at the Music Industry Workshop, where he received a certificate in a music business course, and decided to give the industry ago off of pure determination and grit.

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Featured on Chicago's own WGCI's prime time segment "Download or Delete" with a 100% Download rating, this track is blazing the airways!
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Black Tea House
DAMG Ent. LLC. could not be more proud and enthusiastic to welcome to our roster the newest group of musicians to sign with our label, Black Tea House. This pop/rock band based in Melbourne, Australia has been performing together since 2010, but the talented members that make up this group have been working their way through music circuits individually for years prior to their collaboration. Created by their lead vocalist Brian Chapman, the group began their quest to bring to life their collection of contemporary pop, indie and alternative rock tracks, all original, and influenced by the sounds of groups such as Jet, Live, Radiohead, and Crowded House. 

Brian Chapman, recently crowned Australia’s Songwriter of the Year for 2011, penned all of the group’s infectious lyrics, and the combined talent of this group of men brings each song to life in a way that keeps  fans  coming  back   for   more.    Their  sound  is mainstream, massively commercial 
while still unique, and 'ready-for-radio'. For popular music consumers who like their tunes served fresh from a menu prepared by real musicians and a real band, the delicious combination of soaring rock guitar licks, power melodies, and penetrating harmonies served up by Black Tea House is straight from the top shelf.

Black Tea House members have graced the stage with an eclectic and influential list of performers and groups including The Living End, Screaming Jets, The Angels, Superjesus, Hoodoo Gurus, Taxiride, Joel Turner, Russell Morris, TMG, Billy Thorpe, and Metal as Anything, just to name a few. They find inspiration in all of these performers, and draw from their experiences to continue making their sound the best that it can be. Acclaimed Australian music producer Stuart Stuart - responsible for launching the Veronicas and Small Mercies to international success – has been instrumental in creating what industry insiders are calling Australia's best new music. 

With a rapidly expanding list of radio airplay in Australia, the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States, the word is out that Black Tea House is putting the 'ROCK' back into popular music. Stay tuned in as take the US by storm with their catalog of songs that you just won’t want to stop playing. Black Tea House is making their impression in the music industry today, and into the future.

"Black Tea House injects new life into “Power Pop”, turning it into a whole new sound which comfortably straddles the twilight zone between rock and pop...there is a depth of talent in this band that is undeniable. The world beckons.” ~ Courtesy of onlyausmusic.com
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Black Tea House performing their hit single "Highlights" on hit Candian talk show show Planet unEarth! 
Here is a brand new video for another Black Tea House hit "Letting You Down Again" 
Representing only the best up and coming independent and signed recording artists from around the word. DAMG ENT. LLC is proud to present “KT KILLING EM” Asian (Hmong) Hip Hop Artist, Songwriter, Producer, Actor & Videographer. With an ear for music and a broad vision “KT KILLING EM” brings a unique style and delivery with his music. Born in a 3rd world country of Viet Anne, Laos where his family were immigrants who fled to the United States after the Vietnam War, as it left many Hmong people without a home. At 3 years old “KT arrived in the United States and was raised in the tough 53206 zip code of Milwaukee, WI. At the age of 10, he took interest in Hip Hop and immediately fell in love with the culture. 

Growing up as an Asian immigrant in the United States was quite harsh and full of struggles & battles, he had to encounter, being that his parents and his family didn’t understand the American culture let alone the language. As KT grew up, he quickly adapted to the urban city lifestyle of his environment. He began to write songs and produce music at the age of 16. Today, he has  grown  as  an  artist  and  has created a solid fan 
base. With his community behind him he is creating great music, performing with local as well as globally recognized recording artists, directing amazing music videos and delivering his pain and life experiences with his musical talent. 

KT is most inspired by his mother, whose played both roles of the father and mother due to his father not being able to care for him because of his health conditions. His mother always preaches and lectures to him most about hard work and making right life decisions. Seeing his mother working so hard at day jobs to provide for the whole family (4 boys and 4 girls) is what drives and motivates KT to pursue and express his music with great passion. Even to this day, KT uses his mother’s strong ambition and work ethic to inspire his creativity and help keep his dreams and music alive. 

KT grew up listening to Hip-Hop heavily and was influenced by legendary artists such as: Nas, Jay-Z, Bigge, Lil Wayne, Etc. One of the most influential artists to KT is Eminem. The fact that Eminem was a hip-hop artist that wasn’t African American and had a similar background of living through poverty in tough areas gave KT even more hope that maybe one day he would also get chance to break into the Hip-Hop music scene and become a house hold name. KT also took a strong interest to the sound of the south (Trap Music). At the time Trap Music was on the rise with fast tempo, melodic tunes, hard snares, catch phrases, street references and jumpy Bass vibes which brought a whole new wave to the scene. 

Listening to Southern legends such as: TI, Gucci Mane, Young Jeezy, Ludacris, Outkast, etc. KT began to inherit the sound and flavor which he felt was perfect for him. With all these influences and inspirations, KT set out to make music and bring a flavor and a sound of his own. With Hot new music hitting radio air waves and night spots around the world including his latest singles “Love on Drugs”, “Nobody”, and “Can’t Wait” proves KT is destined for greatness and longevity in the Hip-Hop culture and business of music.

The biggest goal of KT is to get his story heard by the masses, inspire aspiring artists, and help make inner-city communities become safer places to live, work & raise families in. KT is serious about his craft, focused and excited to bring his life experiences as an Asian American Hip-Hop artist and entrepreneur to the world, break racial barriers and bring all cultures together with his celebrity platform.  
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Check out KT KILLING EM's recent video release for hit single "Love on Drugs"!
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KT KILLING EM with another hit music video for fan favorite "Can't Wait"!
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Enjoy KT KILLING EM's video for smash single "Oh You Thought"!
Check out KT KILLING EM's latest video release for brand new single "Nobody"!
New Album "Understand Me" 
Available Now!