Executive Profiles
CEO - Mr. Dante T. Chestnut Sr.
Significant highlights in his career included developing new artists, public speaking, promoting and working with independent as well as legendary and reputable recording artists DJ's, syndicated radio personalities, media personnel, politicians, attorneys, producers and major label executives such as: Wisconsin State Gov. (Jim Doyle),  C. Cirocco Jones, (4x Grammy Winner) Alvin Speights, D.O.S. Former Wisconsin Chief of Staff Mr. George Salter and State Representative Johnnie Morris Tatum,  Dr. Tanvir Baswa, (Cardiology Specialist) (Attorney) Joseph Becker Esq., (Syndicated Radio Talk Show Host) Doug Banks,  Rick Justus, former (Ya Heard Magazine Editor In Chief) Namia Moore, Hip Hop Legend (DJ Kid Capri), T.I., CELLOW,  Keyshia Cole, Outkast, AMMP Songs Music Publisher Mike Millius,  Goodie Mobb, and T.C. Jason of the legendary S.O.S. Band. 

People that have met Mr. Dante T. Chestnut, Sr. will enthusiastically agree that Mr. Chestnut is a very down to earth person who has a  deep appreciation for life and a crazy sense of humor to boot.  Growing up in both Mobile, Alabama (Prichard) and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and later moving to Atlanta, Georgia, Mr. Chestnut is genuinely a passionate respectful man with a big-hearted passion for giving back as an executive and humanitarian, who is a concerned community activist. One of the most compelling attributes of Mr. Chestnut’s life is the authentic concern he has for the welfare of children and the people in his  community and around the world.

Dante Chestnut Sr. is also a Licensed Master Barber, former radio host on ISM (Indie Sound Magazine) show on ISM 105.7 FM out of Jacksonville Florida. C0-Host of "Our Community Our Children" on 860 WNOV and the new 102.5 FM in Milwaukee, Wisconsin as well as writing screenplays as a hobby in his past time, author and writer for several magazine publications which include: Swiss Money Magazine, RMP, Startime Radio, UVEG "Underground Entertainment Voice".  As CEO of "D.A.M.G"  (The Don Alesante' Music Group) LLC, with several highly respected recording artists and producers signed to his label, his future looks very bright and prosperous for many years to come based on his faith in God and in his actions toward success.

With Dante T.W. Chestnut Sr’s deep vision and proven business acumen and dedication he continues to collaborate and work with artists, musicians, record labels, retailers, distributors and music publishers.  As a passionate leader in opening doors to create opportunities and success, Dante’s philosophy is that “If you want to lead people, get behind them.”  As quoted by Mr. Mike Millius, writer for The New Yorker, "His inspiring work in the advancement of music, the arts and grass roots social causes worldwide is good for us all."
Dante T.W. Chestnut Sr. is an integral part of the music and entertainment industry as Former General Manager with Music Powers I-Media (Atlanta), CEO of Don Alesante Fashions, and founder of non-profit organizations The CHILL Program, (Creating Hope I Love Life) and D.A.N.T.E. (Doing Anything Necessary To Educate) to help the fight against illiteracy and violence. A partnership program with his wife Mrs. Shannon Chestnut Founder of S.W.A.G.G (Strong Women Accomplishing Greater Goals) as well as working to end violence in communities, maintain trade and sports programs in schools, as well as music and liberal arts in schools across the country.

With over 25 years to his credits, he is the definition of a true humanitarian and business leader who is passionate about his mission and carries the torch for God in his everyday walk.

His   organization   works   diligently   to     help    victims of  domestic violence, child neglect and abuse.  He is also instrumental in helping researchers find a cure for various diseases such as Diabetes, Heart Disease Pancreatic and Breast Cancer, as well as combating the spread of AIDS/HIV within his non-profit 501c3 organization through launching new major fund raising initiatives.
President - Mrs. Shannon Chestnut
Mrs. Shannon Chestnut, President of DAMG Ent. LLC. didn’t know at an early age that she would one day become President of a major record label and consulting firm, but she knew music would be a part of the equation.  Inspired by her parents, the late Mr. Norman Gauthier Jr. (RIP) and Mrs. Mary Gauthier, music was a part of her life since birth.  Her father was an avid musician, a fluent self-taught piano player who joined many bands throughout his college years and beyond.   Her mother was also a big music fan, and her parents began exposing her to a wide range of genres as a young girl.  From grade school on Mrs. Chestnut’s musical tastes ranges from Nine Inch Nails to Monica, from Pearl Jam to Tu Pac, her ears were always open to new and different sounds.  

Mrs. Chestnut began a career in legal investigations after completing her schooling, but maintained her interest in music and entertainment.  While many feel that the opportunity to build a career in this industry is a million in one chance, Mrs. Chestnut was able to do just that when in 2005 she accepted a position as Operations Manager for Phat Boy Records.  With the guidance and advice of Phat Boy’s General Manager Mr. Dante T. Chestnut Sr. and CEO Mr. Mason Hall, she learned the ropes of the music industry from the ground up.

gNot afraid to get the job done, Mrs. Chestnut did everything from stuff envelopes and mail off music to calling radio stations to secure airtime for artist’s projects. Mrs. Chestnut continued her career when she began working with Music Powers I-Media out of Atlanta, GA, working for CEO Mr. Cirocco Jones, a Grammy award winning musician, composer and producer as well as author of The Music Powers That Be:  To Succeed In The Music Industry.  

In 2006, Mr. Dante Chestnut founded Don Alesante’ Entertainment LLC. along with Mrs. Chestnut,  who  came  aboard  as  President.  Since that time Mrs. Chestnut not only helps to run the company on a daily basis, but also co-manages and consults with all artists and producers signed to the label. Teaming her business background with her love of music, and learning from her husband’s extensive musical background, Mrs. Chestnut and DAMG Ent. LLC. are moving ahead in this industry by creating music and artists with a purpose

Mrs. Chestnut is also proud founder of S.W.A.G.G., "Strong Women Accomplishing Greater Goals" (www.SWAGG.org), a web-based mentorship program for young women, and helped co-found 501c3 non-profit organization The C.H.I.L.L. Program, “Creating Hope I Love Life”. This program, founded by Mr. Dante T. Chestnut Sr., promotes an end to violence by reaching out to children providing safe alternatives such as sports, music, and liberal arts programs. After losing Mrs. Chestnut’s father to Pancreatic Cancer, part of the CHILL Program donates money to help fund research for cancer and other diseases such as AIDS and Heart Disease

Adding to her list of talents, Mrs. Chestnut is also a public speaker, giving motivational speeches sharing her personal experiences with domestic violence. She is writer and literary editor, writing for several publications including Swiss Money Magazine, RMP, Startime Radio, and UVEG "Underground Entertainment Voice. Mrs. Chestnut has also served as a literary editor for acclaimed authors including Mr. Cirocco Jones and Mr. George Salter, former Chief of Staff for Wisconsin State Representative Mrs. Johnnie Morris Tatum. Mrs. Chestnut is having the time of her life working in an industry she loves, working to achieve not only her dreams, but those of every artist or client signed to DAMG Ent. LLC. Mrs. Chestnut and the D.A.M.G. Ent. family will let nothing stand in the way of their quest for greatness, and strive to continue making a positive impact on the world.
D.A.M.G. ENT. LLC. PO BOX 14632 West Allis, WI 53214  Phone: (414)-687-3940